Seasonal Allergies

Eat Local, Raw & Unpasteurized Honey: Avoid Seasonal Allergies?

As we start to get excited about spring, it’s easy to forget that springs friend and partner-in-crime, spring allergies, are on their way as well. Over-the-counter medications can make you groggier than the allergies themselves, but leaving the hay fever and sneezing alone is just not an option for most. However, there is an all-natural remedy that can make your sneezy, teary spring days an unfortunate memory.

Bee Keeper

What Can I Do?

The remedy is simple, so simple, in fact, that many naysayers believe it to be untrue: Eat local raw, and unpasteurized honey; and avoid all those nasty seasonal allergies!

How Does It Work?

Eating local, raw and unpasteurized honey means that the flower pollens used by local bees to make it is ingested in smaller doses than it would be in the air. By ingesting these pollens regularly, your body becomes accustomed to them, and when the same pollens are present in the air, your body does not react as though they were foreign bodies.

Honey and Lemons


Be aware: Some people who suffered from seasonal allergies and tried the honey remedy actually had an allergic reaction to the honey. If you’re considering starting a local honey regimen and you’ve never eaten local, raw and unpasteurized honey before, consult with a medical professional first.


One comment on “Seasonal Allergies

  1. Karri Odowd says:

    If you’ve ever tried inhaling some pollen from plants, or eating something and finding out afterwards that you’re covered in red blotchy spots or some other nasty effect after you eat, then you’ve experienced firsthand the effects of Allergies. In common usage, an allergy is an adverse reaction toward what is called an allergen, or specifically,the material that causes the allergic reaction.^

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