Grow Your Own

I love to grow my own Organic Gardens:

Do You?

There is no act more gratifying, more basic, more liberating, than to coax food from the Earth. Time and the rhythms of nature become the ultimate template by which to live.

Do it just to know that you can do it,

or do it just to live or,

do it to save money.

Here it is the middle of July and we have been eating peas, radishes, swiss chard, rhubarb,  lettuce, onion tops, sunberries and using dill.



Rhubarb 2nd Crop

Swiss Chard after the 3rd cutting


The tomato plants are doing great, the potatoes are coming into flower, the carrots and beets are looking good as well.

Carrots and a Red Onion just came along as well.


Potatoes grown in a black cloth bag from Back 40 Ranch here in Quesnel.

Rick says its so ugly that it is Beautiful. Tree Tomato

Spazz the Inspector

For the past 2 years in front of our front deck there have been what I call Mini Wild Carnations, I have never planted anything like that and out of the blue they have grown in that spot.

Thomas he is the inside cat! He was so happy to get out on his leash and harness 🙂

I love to be able to just go out and get fresh things in our own yard be it at 4 in the morning or 10 at night, I can go in my jammies, and not have to worry about even brushing my hair 🙂
Spazz always joins me and helps to weed, and tie up the tomatoes that are getting so big.
I still have the dill, fennel, 3 Cherry Tomato plants and 1 Sunberry plant still in the green house. I had to move the other 14 tomato plants out they were getting way to big and I ran out of room on the ground for them. 
This is my quite time, when I water and weed the gardens.
 Just like when I cut the grass it is 4 hours of no phone, no one bugging me but the bugs.
Oh yeah Spazz usually brings a mouse or two to show me that she is a great hunter.
Until next time happy Organic Gardening!! 🙂

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