Organic Places in British Columbia

I am working on putting together places across Canada for everyone so they know great places to buy Heritage & Heirloom Organic Seeds: Click on the name of the company and it will take you to their website.

Not Seeds from any of Monsanto companies.

GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism. Any living thing, plant or animal, that has had its DNA altered by humans is a GMO.

GE stands for Genetically Engineered (not General Electric). GE crops are GMOs.

So what is a backyard gardener supposed to do?

Check them out and do your Homework, that’s what. Just because a dealer sells Seminis seeds, that doesn’t arbitrarily make it a bad company. They might be family- or employee-owned, and they might have a strong commitment to stewardship and environmentalism. They also might be a company who answers to shareholders and is only concerned about their bottom line. You have to find out for yourself.

The only way to be a responsible gardener is to get involved and contact your seed dealer directly. Find out which of their products are Seminis/Monsanto and which aren’t. Find out which seeds are GE and which aren’t. Let them know you won’t buy Seminis. Let them know you won’t buy GE seed, regardless of the company of origin. Vote with your dollars. Seed dealers are like any other business… they respond to their customer’s needs. If there is no demand for Seminis seeds, then dealers will stop carrying them.

British Columbia:

Back 40 Ranch & Garden Center

Back 40 Ranch and Garden Center

Back 40 Ranch and Garden Center

Located in Quesnel, BC

Local Ranch in Quesnel, BC They have a wide assortment of Organic Greenhouse plants to things to grow your own plants in plus a lot more. Check them out.

Morgan Wood Farms

Morgan Wood       Farms    Located in      Quesnel, BC

We are a local hobby farm in Quesnel BC. We make our own healing salve called Boo Boo Balm and are now selling free range chickens. We plan to have produce this winter with the greenhouse up and running.

Mackin Creek Farm

Mackin Creek Farm

Mackin Creek Farm

Mackin Creek Farm is an organic farm on West Fraser Road, Cariboo Chilcotin, BC. It lies approximately fourty kilometres north of Williams Lake and seventy kilometres south of Quesnel. Robert Borsato and Cathy Allen are the owners and managers.
They run a delivery program in Williams Lake every summer for seventeen weeks, they now hold one hundred customers in town. Every week,clients are distributed a box with a wide variety of vegetables. Rob and Cathy also commit to the famous Quesnel Farmers Market every Saturday from May to October.
The farm itself is five acres of land all utilized for vegetable growing. They employ locals to assist every year with harvesting and tending to the crops. Horses, pigs, chickens and ducks are all raised on the farm as either pets or for consumption purposes. The three horses are used in the place of machinery to till the soil and disk in withered crops.

Big Bear Ranch

Big Bear Ranch

We live five minutes out of Horsefly, which is 75 km east of Williams Lake, B.C.

You are welcome to visit us on our place to gain an insight into our life and work here.

Just give us a call !

We believe in the importance of a holistic balance between land, plants, animals and people.

This starts with creating healthy fertile soil to grow a great variety of nutrient dense plants,
which our happy animals graze to provide you with nutritious flavourful meat.
Sustainability is maintained through biodiversity

Big Bear Ranch is certified organic since 2004 by PACS

Your health should be the main reason to eat grass fed beef or pasture raised pork.
By choosing our products you also support a family farm with a variety of animals
all humanely raised in a natural, low stress environment.

Stellar Seeds

Stellar Seeds

They are an independent, family-run seed company, based in the West Kootenays of British Columbia. They grow many of the seeds they sell at their own property, Kootenay Joe Farm in Johnson’s Landing. They also partner with other local, organic growers who supply them with the remainder of their seeds. Their focus is on providing you, the grower, with high quality, open-pollinated, GMO-free seed. Many of the varieties they offer are heirlooms, favoured by gardeners and farmers for many years because of tried-and-tested qualities like reliability, great flavour, and unique appearance. By growing these seeds organically the plants become better adapted to thriving in the soil and cultural conditions of organic gardens and farms – their on-farm selection results in seeds that are naturally more resilient to pests and pathogens, as well as capable of performing well in many growing conditions.

Full Circle Seeds

Located in Sooke BC

Full Circle Seeds

All of their seeds are Open Pollinated, meaning that you can save the seed yourself and it will come true year after year; Locally Grown, meaning that their seed is from plants that have adapted themselves to the climate, soil conditions, and ecosystem of the Pacific Northwest; and grown Without Chemicals, meaning that our seed comes from plants which are naturally healthy and robust.

Sunshine Farm

Located In Kelowna, BC

Sunshine Farm

Sunshine Farm is a medley of Certified Organic vegetable and herb gardens, a forest of pine and fir with marsh meadows and mow-land. In 2007 a small heritage apple orchard was planted to add to the mix. They are situated in the Okanagan Valley, South East Kelowna, B.C. amidst a burgeoning wine and culinary tourism industry.  The majority of our food crop and seed production is of Certified Organic Heritage or Heirloom Varieties, particularly Certified Organic Tomatoes.

They feel it is important to maintain genetic diversity by growing these crops – making available ‘non-corporate- food varieties and especially certified organic seed, many varieties which are endangered.

They use their own farm made composts and compost teas to set up a relationship between our plants and soil that express the terror of the land.

This Picture is from our own personal (Jackie and Ricks) Garden in 2011, we will use our own potatoes for this years Potato Crop.  

Boundary Garlic Farm

Located in Midway,  BC

Heritage varieties of seed garlic organically grown. Certified Organic since 2004. Henry and

Sonia sell only certified organic seed garlic  that has been grown on their own property. With 150 distinct strains of garlic.

Clear Sky Farm

Clear Sky Farm

Clear Sky Farm is a volunteer based social enterprise of Clear Sky Meditation Center. They offer you  naturally grown heritage garlic bulbs for eating & growing, available by mail-order anywhere in Canada.  They are  also developing a one acre Food Forest thanks to funding from AIDI BC. Join them also in permaculture & other ecological courses as well as volunteer opportunities.  They are devoted to sharing natural growing methods  & sustainable agriculture in the context of mindfulness & awakening, with people from all walks of life.

Eagleridge Seeds

Eagleridge Seeds     Located on Salt Spring Island

We practice organic gardening methods, use raised beds, water saving techniques and companion planting. Our designs attract beneficial insects and are  living examples of  the amazing diversity possible growing heirloom plants. We have rare heirloom seeds, and specialize in Tomatoes. We also have one of the largest collections of Fall/Overwintering vegetable seeds found anywhere in Canada.
We wish to share the stories of our collections with you. We are promoting working with Nature to inspire passionate gardeners everywhere to become seed custodians by learning the art of seed saving and  growing nutritious food.

Green Space Designs Organic Seeds

Manson’s Landing, Cortes Island, BC

Green Space Designs grows a comprehensive selection of organic flower seeds, organic herb seeds, and organic vegetable seeds. Their garden is surrounded by lush forest, fresh mountain air, and the vibrant ocean waters of Cortes Island BC Canada. The organic seed selections they offer are all grown from open pollinated (non hybrid) heirloom and long established plant varieties. All of their seeds are hand-pick, manually processed, and personally packaged.

Mountain Seed Company

Mountain Seed Company

Naturally Grown in Slocan Valley, BC

Heirloom open-pollinated vegetable, flower and herb seeds. Specializing in rare, northern acclimated, and short growing season varieties, including many Russian Doukhobor and heirloom tomato varieties.

Naturally Grown in Slocan Valley, BC Canada

We do not sell chemically treated or genetically modified seeds, so there is no genetic interference except by Nature’s design. This means you can save any seeds from our catalogue and participate in protecting plant genetic diversity, your own food security and helping to acclimatize plant varieties to Canadian weather, as most seeds on the market are not grown in Canada.

Happy Pig Organic Farm

Our farm is located on 320 acres in the Bulkley Valley near Smithers, BC.

Happy Pig Organic Farm

We raise our animals on fresh green pasture in season and in the winter our animals spend their time in airy well lit structures with plenty of straw for warmth.

The entire farm is certified organic and we produce and sell only products which meet or exceed the Canadian Organic Regulations.

Our animals exercise their natural instincts to root, scratch, peck and run!  Our chickens moult rather than being replaced with new hens, our sows wean their piglets at 10-14 weeks instead of forcefully separating them at four weeks.

No chemical fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides or pharmaceuticals are used in the raising of our animals, crops, forage or the grains which comprise a portion of the pigs diet.

If you are looking for tasty pork, beef, chicken, turkey or eggs that are free from the ‘inputs’ associated with conventional farming you have found the right place.

Mountain Garlic Nicola Valley Produce

Located in Merritt, BC

Nicola Garlic

Welcome to Nicola Valley Produce. Providers of the finest gourmet seed garlic available. On our garlic farm we believe in growing garlic organically. We are in the process of certification right now and will be able to offer “certified” organic garlic next year!
Although we may not be certified organic this year we can assure you that we grow and always have grown organically.

Old Country Seeds

Located in Victoria, BC

Our company – Old Country Seeds – was formed to contribute another source of high quality heirloom vegetable seed to the hungry gardeners and cooks in Canada.  With that in mind, we are very happy to present ourself as your Canadian home and source of seeds from Franchi Sementi, a 7th generation-run, family business from Bergamo, in northern Italy.

Franchi Sementi was formed in 1783 in Parma, Italy, by Giovanni Franchi, who grew and collected seeds locally, and sold them from his cart in the squares and streets around the region.  Now, his 7th generation-son, Giampero Franchi, runs a modern company that has grown to be one of the largest seed companies in Italy.  For over two centuries, Franchi Seeds has been selecting and saving the traditional varieties from their own region as well as around Italy, maintaining relationships with some of their contract growers from generation to generation.

The Garden Path Centre

Located in Victoria, BC

The Garden Path is home to ‘Seeds of Victoria’, certified organic seeds collected from the beautiful gardens around the Centre. Visit the colour seed catalogue to view the listings of heritage vegetables, heirloom tomatoes, herbs and old-fashioned flowers. You can save your own seeds from all of these open-pollinated plants.

Sugar Shack Seeds

Located in Parksville, BC

I am a certified organic master gardener and grow all my seed using organic methods right here in Parksville on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. You will receive no GMO or treated seeds. They come as mother nature intended. All seeds are also open pollinated which means you can save them yourself.

Along with more than 100 other seed companies across North America, we too have signed the Safe Seed Pledge.

West Coast Seeds

Located in Delta, BC

At West Coast Seeds we specialize in certified organic, non GMO, open pollinated, and heirloom seeds for organic growing. Over 500 varieties of untreated seeds to choose from. Our new retail store in Ladner, BC, is now open and fully stocked for all of your 2012 organic gardening needs. Please drop by for a visit!

The Crafty Gardner

Located in Fort Langley, BC

My personal mission is to provide you with seed of garden-worthy plants to add to your own garden. Many of these seeds are unavailable from traditional sources. All seed has been collected from plants that I grow in my own garden. Many of the flowers are Heirloom varieties that have stood the test of time. Each year I try to test North American natives that will do well in the garden. I will not sell you seed that I am not familiar with. Unless you are fortunate enough to have acres of property and a staff to maintain it, every plant should have a purpose and not require undue maintenance.

Nanoose Edibles Organic Farm

Located in Nanoose Bay, BC

A British Columbia Certified Organic Farm. Lorne & Barbara Ebell.
Members of The Land Conservancy of British Columbia.
Proud suppliers of Certified Organic Produce to Vancouver Island restaurants and local food markets. On-farm market, year round weather permitting. Weekly Box Program. U-Pick Schedule. Organically produced eggs from our farm-raised flock.

Mad Dog Farm

Located in Castlegar, BC

We are a small organic 28 acres farm in the heart of the Kootenay district of British Columbia.  We have 10 acres under cultivation at any one time, growing a wide range of vegetables from A-Z (aubergines-Zucchinis), plus fruits and herbs.

As farmers, we have a passion for growing, for local agriculture and for preserving heritage varieties of vegetables and other food crops.  We abhor the use of chemicals – pesticides, herbicides or whatever-cides and all our farm products are organically grown and certified by the Kootenay Mountain Grown program via the Kootenay Local Agricultural Society of whom we are staunch supporters.  Although we are fully supportive of certified products and the certification process, we are great believers in consumer certification and thus, we have an open farm policy and have several farm tours each year for the local schools, our commercial customers and our own farm customers.

Eternal Seeds

Located in Powell River, BC

We specialize in heirloom and organic seed. The majority of our seeds are considered heirloom and wherever possible we have included the date it was first grown. Heirloom varieties are not only interesting with many different flavours and colours but according to Agriculture Canada studies they are also more nutritious.

Fraser’s Thimble Farms

Located on Salt Spring Island, BC

We are a mail order nursery that specializes in rare, unusual and native plants. A few of our specialties include North American native plants; Hardy Orchids, especially Cypripediums (Lady Slippers), and Hardy Ferns. We ship within Canada and the United States (other countries by special arrangement). Please browse our website or PDF catalogue for a look at the many unique and beautiful plants we offer.

Salt Spring Seeds

Located on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia

This is our 25th year of promoting a safe and sustainable, local agriculture. It is very gratifying to now see so many individuals and communities across Canada embracing this concept! We hope that some of the vegetables, beans, grains and herbs in this catalogue will help you to become more self-reliant in food and medicine.

All our seeds are untreated, open-pollinated and non-GMO. We grow all our own seeds and sell only our most recent harvest. As is true again this year, we write the printed and online catalogues in December after we’ve cleaned and evaluated all our seed crops from the year before. December is also the month when we package the seeds. Most of our seeds are mailed from mid-January to mid-May but we fill orders year-round and usually within a day or two of receiving your requests.

Certified Organic? This catalogue comprises seeds from ten gardens and farms. All seeds are organically grown but only two farms are officially so. Varieties that are certified organic are indicated as such.


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