Organic Places in Manitoba

I am working on putting together places across Canada for everyone so they know great places to buy Heritage & Heirloom Organic Seeds: Click on the name of the company and it will take you to their website.

Not Seeds from any of Monsanto companies.

GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism. Any living thing, plant or animal, that has had its DNA altered by humans is a GMO.

GE stands for Genetically Engineered (not General Electric). GE crops are GMOs.

So what is a backyard gardener supposed to do?

Check them out and do your Homework, that’s what. Just because a dealer sells Seminis seeds, that doesn’t arbitrarily make it a bad company. They might be family- or employee-owned, and they might have a strong commitment to stewardship and environmentalism. They also might be a company who answers to shareholders and is only concerned about their bottom line. You have to find out for yourself.

The only way to be a responsible gardener is to get involved and contact your seed dealer directly. Find out which of their products are Seminis/Monsanto and which aren’t. Find out which seeds are GE and which aren’t. Let them know you won’t buy Seminis. Let them know you won’t buy GE seed, regardless of the company of origin. Vote with your dollars. Seed dealers are like any other business… they respond to their customer’s needs. If there is no demand for Seminis seeds, then dealers will stop carrying them.


Heritage Harvest Seeds

Located In Carman, Manitoba

Heritage Harvest Seed is a mail order business specializing in rare and endangered heirloom varieties of vegetables, flowers and herbs. Jessy Friesen and I, along with my mother Iris Stefanec, are working together to preserve heirloom varieties and offer their seed for sale to the public. This requires a lot of research and countless hours trying to track down rare seed sources, as well as delving into the histories of different varieties.

At Heritage Harvest Seed we garden organically, although we are not certified organic. We now grow more than three quarters of our seed on our farms in Carman and Fisher Branch. We take the growing and preserving of heirloom plants and the saving of seed very seriously. When you purchase seed you can be assured that the seed is viable and true to type and that you are supporting an extremely worthwhile preservation effort.

Sage Garden Herbs:

We are the only Winnipeg garden centre using 100% natural fertilizers and 100% non-toxic pest management on all plants (including herbs, perennials, fragrant flowers, exotics & veggies) – come out to taste, touch, smell, and see the difference!

T&T Seeds Ltd.

T&T Seeds has been in the mail-order business since 1946, celebrating its 67th year in 2012!

We specialized in early season garden seed and nursery stock for the home gardener since its inception. The bulk of the business has been carried out in the prairie provinces, with British Columbia and North-western Ontario being a steady source also. Eastern Ontario has become a source of renewed growth and has been steadily increasing since 1993. T&T Seeds has been built by the Twomey family and will always strive for that old-fashioned country store attitude, that is–that people matter, whether they are a customer or not! T&T Seeds prides itself in providing good products at reasonable prices, and best of all, we have the quickest service in Canada. So enjoy a browse through our web-site and feel free to sign-up for our latest catalogue.


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