Organic Places in Ontario

I am working on putting together places across Canada for everyone so they know great places to buy Heritage & Heirloom Organic Seeds: Click on the name of the company and it will take you to their website.

Not Seeds from any of Monsanto companies.

GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism. Any living thing, plant or animal, that has had its DNA altered by humans is a GMO.

GE stands for Genetically Engineered (not General Electric). GE crops are GMOs.

So what is a backyard gardener supposed to do?

Check them out and do your Homework, that’s what. Just because a dealer sells Seminis seeds, that doesn’t arbitrarily make it a bad company. They might be family- or employee-owned, and they might have a strong commitment to stewardship and environmentalism. They also might be a company who answers to shareholders and is only concerned about their bottom line. You have to find out for yourself.

The only way to be a responsible gardener is to get involved and contact your seed dealer directly. Find out which of their products are Seminis/Monsanto and which aren’t. Find out which seeds are GE and which aren’t. Let them know you won’t buy Seminis. Let them know you won’t buy GE seed, regardless of the company of origin. Vote with your dollars. Seed dealers are like any other business… they respond to their customer’s needs. If there is no demand for Seminis seeds, then dealers will stop carrying them.


Beaver Creek Farm

Location Kearney, Ontario

Keep local farms a part of YOUR community!
Join our farm by buying a yearly share, or support us through farm-gate sales

(buying what is available when you stop in!)

Selling fresh fruit and vegetables (in season), eggs, pork and lamb.
Our produce is raised ‘naturally’,  only farm-produced fertilizer.
We pasture raise our lamb and pigs, and allow our chickens free range.

August’s Harvest

Located in Gadshill, Ontario

They are certified organic. Growing Old World Garlic since 1991, Shallots since 1999 and now they have Saskatoon Berries as well.

Supplying growers and gourmands with heirloom organic garlic and shallot varieties.

The Cottage Gardener is . . .

Located in Newtonville, Ontario

An heirloom seedhouse and plant nursery in southern Ontario, Canada. We have been providing rare and endangered heirloom varieties of vegetables, herbs and flowers to gardeners and market growers since 1996. Our online catalogue has over 650 heirloom seed varieties available, in retail packet sizes and bulk amounts. We have one of the most diverse selections of Certified Organic seeds in Canada, and we add to this each year. Each spring we sell certified organic plants onsite.


Located in Guelph, Ontario

Our seeds are among the finest 100% USDA Certified Organic Northern Climate seeds ever developed and may offer better growing characteristics when grown organically.

Only nonhybrids!/nongenetically engineered varieties sold! We do not sell PVP (Plant Variety Protected) plants, only publicly owned varieties. You can even save the seeds and replant them next year.

Florabunda Seeds

Located in Indian River, Ontario

Florabunda Seeds is a company dedicated to preserving old species of flowers, many of which are the parents of today’s modern hybrids. These are the flowers of the English cottage gardens of the past, often having been salvaged from abbeys and monasteries in England in the middle ages. Others were brought back to Britain by plantsmen who were sent out on plant-hunting expeditions around the world.

Golden Bough Tree Farm:

Located near Marlbank, Ontario

Located in eastern Ontario, 50 km northwest of Kingston, Golden Bough Tree Farm has been growing rare and native plants for more than thirty years. Our seedlings are now mature trees in every province of Canada.

Prices here are remarkably low because we sell only bare-root plants – not the pot, the soil, nor the sales staff. Our trees and bushes come to you in a dormant state. When plants awake from winter, they wait a few weeks for the proper heat and light conditions to begin growth. The reverse is true in the autumn when plant metabolisms slows down before freeze-up. Only during these brief weeks of dormancy can we dig, grade, pack and mail your choices. Prompt and careful planting by the customer ensures a cost-effective operation.

Greta’s Organic Gardens:

Location Gloucester, Ontario

We are an organic seed company that grows plants for their uniqueness in taste and appearance, color and shape. We find the best of these qualities in old-fashioned plants and organic gardening seeds. We have grown and tested many old-fashioned varieties, and we have many good-tasting vegetables to offer you.

Some of these plants are rapidly being replaced by hybrids and genetically altered varieties. By growing these older varieties yourself, you will help to preserve our vegetable heritage.


Heritage Seed and Produce

Located near Westport, in the heart of the Rideau Lakes, Heritage Seed and Produce specializes in the propagation of heirloom fruit and vegetables without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Heritage Seed and Produce, owned and operated by Darcy Lloyd was formed in 2005 to continue in the preservation of our agricultural heritage.

Heirloom varieties have been grown for several generations. They are open-pollinated by wind and insects, allowing us to save the seed to grow for years to come, ensuring our future food supply.

As a seed exchange member of Seeds of Diversity Canada, and participant of Seedy Saturdays throughout Ontario and Quebec, we are able to acquire heirlooms that are rare and at risk of extinction. These heritage varieties are acclimatized to our northern climate by utilizing agricultural land throughout the area, maintaining varietal purity.

Matchbox Garden & Seed Company:

Location Toronto, Ontario

Matchbox has always taken pride in employing organic practices to grow spectacular seedlings, seeds and produce for our CSA, farmer’s markets, grocers and restaurant customers. Thoughtful stewardship of the land and the plants, insects and animals it nourishes, is the best way to ensure good growing, year after year.

A Providence Acre:

Location Barrie, Ontario

We use only organic methods. No chemicals or
pesticides are used here.

In addition, our seeds are not genetically modified
or patented varieties. Feel free to save them
and plant them year after year.

We believe in living close to the land and being as self sufficient as possible. All things on our small farm are done organically, with the health of the land and animals always a priority.

Rhora’s Nut Farm & Nursery:

Location Wainfleet, Ontario

Our experiences in growing nut trees now spans over 40+ years, our experiments have shown that by growing seedlings of varieties, namely, heart nut, Carpathian walnut, Hazelnut (filbert trees), Chinese Chestnuts, American Chestnuts, Pecans and the edible Pines. Some named or numbered cultivars in these varieties will produce from seed, seedlings that are as good or even better than a grafted tree. It has shown that up to 60 to 70 percent of the seedlings will do this. This experiment now into the 3rd generation in some cases, that these seedlings produce at a very early age, size and shape of the shell to have the uniformity for cracking mechanically. These seedlings are very hardy and will grow in a wider variety of soils and even more hardy because they are on their own roots.

Richters Herbs:

Location Goodwood, Ontario

If you grow your own herbs or make your own herbal products, or if you are in the business of herbs, make Richters your destination.

Herb plants, seeds, books, dried herbs and more – Richters is your best source for everything herbal!

Richters has been growing and selling herbs since 1969. Our first catalogue dedicated to herbs came out in 1970. We have lived, worked and breathed herbs ever since.

Siloam Orchards

Location Uxbridge, Ontario

Canada’s largest collection of heirloom, disease resistant and cider apple trees, winter hardy heirlooms for harsh climates, also redfleshed apples for Canadian growers Please inquire about any variety not listed, we may have it in our collection or have access to it. Custom grafting service available to preserve your own tree or for bulk orders of rare varieties and cider apples. Please note they do not ship into BC.

Silver Creek Nursery

Location New Hamburg, Ontario

We specialize in fruit trees for the home gardener or small-scale orchardist. Besides fruit trees, we also sell currant, gooseberry, and raspberry plants. The nursery is open from mid April until November. If you are planning to visit, please check our hours first. For best selection, we recommend ordering in advance. We welcome orders at any time of the year.

Check out our insect trapping supplies, designed for monitoring and catching insects in the orchard. They are easy to use and come with detailed instructions.

Soggy Creek Seed Co.

Location Nipissing Village, Ontario

We’ve been wooing wonderful things from the garden for several years and have this collection of wonderful seeds to share. All our seeds are open-pollinated, organic, untreated and non-GMO. They are all heirlooms that have been given new names that are more appropriate to their characteristics and our times. Most of our seeds are Northern grown, grown with love right here in Nipissing Ontario.

These seeds that we’ve gathered to share are our favorites here in the gardens of Piebird B&B / FarmStay. We started Piebird when we bought this land in 2005 and the seed company grew out of that, each year we add a couple new varities that we love and have collected enough seed from.

Spring Arbour Farm

Location Walsingham, Ontario

Spring Arbour Farm is 50 acres of Edenic Paradise with mixed hardwood forest, streams and meadows. We are located in Southwestern Ontario, Canada near Long Point and Lake Erie (about 200km southwest of Toronto). Half of the crop land is asparagus the other half is a mixture of fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers. We follow organic farming practices to enhance the natural vigour of the soil. Most of our varieties are heirlooms predating 1890. These are available as seeds, transplants, fresh food and preserves. The wild half of the farm supplies us with maple syrup, native ferns and flowers and exotic flavours such as wild ginger and wild grape. It also ensure a biologically healthy and stable environment in which to grow food without poisons.

Terra Edibles

Location Foxboro, Ontario

This world is changing far too fast – governments are falling, species are disappearing, jobs are tenuous, climates are shifting – uncertainty prevails. The only thing we can control is our own small space. Thank goodness for our gardens where we can plant, grow and nourish our families without intervention or taxation. Terra Edibles is proud to offer organically-grown seed for small garden growers, offering a wide selection of heirloom tomatoes, beans and other popular vegetables, as well as herbs, flowers and aromatic sweet peas. Many of our seeds have been grown out by certified organic growers – these are indicated with a ‘CO’ beside their name.

The Artsy Tomato

Location Utopia, Ontario

The Artsy Tomato is a small, charming, organic farm nestled in the heart of Essa Township. If you’re taking a drive down County Rd 56 you’ll often see Carrie (owner and artist) outside tending to her fruit, vegetable and flower gardens. The Artsy Tomato is committed to preserving heirloom tomatoes and vegetables without the use of pesticides or herbicides. Keeping the fruits and vegetables as true to their origins as possible is what makes the The Artsy Tomato unique and authentic!

The Artsy Tomato doesn’t stop at all things garden grown … we have a huge selection of hand painted glassware, as well as beautiful nature inspired photography (including prints and gift cards).

Welcome to Tree and Twig Heirloom Vegetable Farm.

Location Wellandport, Ontario

At Tree and Twig, my specialty and passion is heirloom vegetables.

Growing heirlooms is an exciting way to try new and unusual tastes, shapes and colours. But more than that it is an effort to maintain the genetic diversity of our food crops.

In the last century, we have lost 90 per cent of our vegetable varieties — a tragic loss of diversity and a threat to our food security. It is important to stop this trend and, as growers and consumers, look for alternatives.

Heirlooms are the link to the past and are the key to our future. Unlike some hybrids, heirlooms are not grown for their ability to withstand shipping or chemicals, or for their uniform look at market.

They are grown for taste.     Eat in the past!

Upper Canada Seeds

Location Toronto, Ontario

Upper Canada Seeds started operations in 1999 catering specifically to home gardeners. At that time we offered a variety of vegetable, flower and herb seeds but we soon discovered it was very difficult to find reliable suppliers of organically grown seeds. We decided to specialize in tomatoes because they don’t readily cross pollinate and we could produce all our own seed on our farm in Prince Edward County. Also, the taste of tomatoes has suffered more than any other vegetable (technically it’s a fruit) in recent years due to modern breeding and selection practices. We try several new varieties every year and include the best in our annual seed listing. Our prices include shipping, handling and all applicable taxes. All of our seeds are open pollinated. We do not sell hybrid, chemically treated or genetically modified seeds.

Urban Harvest

Location Toronto, Ontario

Your source for organic seeds and heirloom seeds

At Urban Harvest, we are dedicated to providing our customers with organic seeds, seedlings and garden supplies that promote ecological diversity and preserve the health of our planet. Everything we sell is 100% certified organic.

Our organic and heirloom varieties are specially chosen for their unique qualities by seasoned urban gardeners. All of our seedlings are grown in or near the Greater Toronto Area to support the economies of Toronto, Ontario and Canada.

William Dam Seeds

Location Dundas, Ontario

Our seed is not chemically treated. This has been confused with organic seed, which to our knowledge it is not in all cases. We have been purchasing our seed from the most reputable sources available. These companies have growing fields all over the globe and do research to maintain their high standards of quality and new developments. These progressive seed companies maintain a large genetic stock of parent lines (many are heirlooms) for breeding work. We have visited some of the world’s foremost seed companies and were impressed by the level of commitment to seed purity and research to bring the best varieties to home gardeners. We are proud to be associated with our suppliers and are confident that the seed we receive reflects their high standards and ours.

Some seeds are sold with a coating on them. The coating is for ease of seeding, whether for visibility or to keep it intact. The coating is usually made of a clay based product and some are certified organic. One of our suppliers coats their organic seed to easily identify it from their conventional untreated line. The colouring in the coating is made of food grade materials; it is non toxic.

We promote sustainable agriculture; that is maintaining healthy soil with natural means so that we don’t deplete the soil that we rely on to grow our food. Healthy soil produces healthy plants that can withstand disease and insects so that pesticides are not needed on a regular basis. Hybrids are also beneficial to increasing disease and insect resistance, while providing the gardener with increased yields, flavour, and nutrition.


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