Organic Places on the East Coast

I am working on putting together places across Canada for everyone so they know great places to buy Heritage & Heirloom Organic Seeds: Click on the name of the company and it will take you to their website.

Not Seeds from any of Monsanto companies.

GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism. Any living thing, plant or animal, that has had its DNA altered by humans is a GMO.

GE stands for Genetically Engineered (not General Electric). GE crops are GMOs.

So what is a backyard gardener supposed to do?

Check them out and do your Homework, that’s what. Just because a dealer sells Seminis seeds, that doesn’t arbitrarily make it a bad company. They might be family- or employee-owned, and they might have a strong commitment to stewardship and environmentalism. They also might be a company who answers to shareholders and is only concerned about their bottom line. You have to find out for yourself.

The only way to be a responsible gardener is to get involved and contact your seed dealer directly. Find out which of their products are Seminis/Monsanto and which aren’t. Find out which seeds are GE and which aren’t. Let them know you won’t buy Seminis. Let them know you won’t buy GE seed, regardless of the company of origin. Vote with your dollars. Seed dealers are like any other business… they respond to their customer’s needs. If there is no demand for Seminis seeds, then dealers will stop carrying them.

The East Coast:

Angelgrove  Tree Seeds

Location Harbour Grace, Newfoundland

Angelgrove has contributed to the successful generation of an estimated 1/3 million trees throughout North America since 1993. We have been actively propagating trees from seed (and other methods) for over two decades and have assisted a number of large and small seedling projects along the way. All of our seeds are selected and packaged immediately prior to shipment to our customers directly from Angelgrove. We do not sell or re-sell pre packaged tree seeds or ship them from 3rd party commercial warehouses or ‘drop-site’ office suite addresses as do product marketer/re-seller type websites. For customer protection reasons and quality control considerations we no longer allow any product marketer/re-seller websites to sell our seeds. No one else sells our seeds.

We normally feature a select range of approximately 300 tree and shrub rose species and botanical variants. The majority of the seeds that interest us are for fairly hardy tree species offering above average ornamental value. The length of our seed catalog expands and contracts from year to year depending on seasonal harvests.

Annapolis Seeds

Location Middleton, Nova Scotia

Annapolis Seeds is a living seed bank for the Maritime region, our goal is to maintain, select and develop the greatest diversity of seeds possible which thrive in our climate. 100% of our seeds are grown in the Maritimes by small-scale growers committed to sustainable farming methods. Like always, all of our varieties are open-pollinated and can be saved for seed, an important yet very simple skill I want to see every gardener doing! There are so many amazing varieties out there which aren’t being carried by the large seed companies, it’s really up to the gardeners and small farmers of the world to keep them alive. I’m really looking forward to getting as many of these seeds out there as I can, so be sure to spread the word!

Happy growing:


The CORN HILL NURSERY is located in the gently rolling hills of Kings County, New Brunswick at 2700 Route 890 approximately 28 km from Sussex or 14 km from Petitcodiac.

We grow a complete range of hardy fruits, ornamental shrubs and trees, vines and perennials.

We grow without the use of pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers. Soil fertility is maintained by the addition of composts, mulches and crab and fish meals made from by-products of the canning industry. Cultivation is accomplished by machine and by hand. We believe the soil and its health are the foundation of all human activity and should be cherished and protected. We have a loyal staff, many of whom have worked here for 20yrs. or more, that dedicates its efforts to provide you with healthy, high quality plants.

Gardens North

Location Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia

Our primary business is the sale of hardy native and exotic seeds, both herbaceous and woody. Our retail and wholesale seed lists are web-based only.

We supply seed to individual gardeners, commercial growers, botanic gardens as well as other seedhouses. Seed is grown on site and also collected in the wild. Our business is strictly mail-order and we ship worldwide, wherever seed import regulations allow.

Since our modest beginnings as a “dining-room operation” in 1991, we have grown to have a worldwide presence, currently conducting business in over 30 countries. In 2009 we moved our business from the very cold Ottawa Valley of Ontario to the much milder Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia.

In addition to seed, we offer a unique line of gardening and seed products and remain the only Canadian source for GA-3 (a germination stimulator).

The Halifax Seed Company

Location Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax Seed Company Inc., Canada’s oldest continuously operating family owned seed company was established in 1866. Now on Kane Street in Halifax, the company once occupied a waterfront location on the city’s famous harbour. When the town was damaged by a massive explosion in 1917 (the Halifax Explosion) the company then moved to Granville Street. Evidence of the historic location on Granville Street are still found on the door step of Nova Scotia College of Art & Design’s Seeds Gallery.

In its considerable history, Halifax Seed has evolved to be a market leader in the horticultural and agriculture industry in Atlantic Canada. We are constantly evaluating new products to determine their suitability for the Atlantic Region and to meet the needs of our customers. Our highly qualified and dedicated staff ensure quality products and service.

Hope Seeds

Location Granville Ferry, Nova Scotia

We offer certified organic and sustainably-grown, heritage and open-pollinated garden seed.  We’re committed to high quality, organic growing, and local food.

Hope Seeds is a small but committed seed company, with a dedication to local and sustainable agriculture since our beginning in 1993.   Andrea Berry runs this little but growing company as the owner and a grower, building on the original vision of founder Kim Edmondson of Keswick Ridge:

Passion for seed saving; commitment to sustainable agriculture; and securing local food systems for future generations.

Hope Seeds offers a wide range of seeds that bigger companies have overlooked, maintaining many rare and heritage selections.  The stories are rich, and add so much to the adventure of growing gardens and food.  Keeping these seeds and stories alive is a great honour, and we take our stewardship very seriously.  Diversity in our seed, our fields and our food is the best way to build a resilient and strong agricultural system.

At the same time, Hope Seeds recognizes that the future of food lies in the growth of organic, local food systems.  Imperative to this is the development of high-quality, adapted seed bred for low-input organic farms and gardens enabling successful crops in a wide range of climatic conditions.  We just don’t really know where this climate change deal will take us, but growing and breeding plant varieties out of the wide genetic base of heritage varieties to regional variations of soil, weather patterns and cultural methods is an essential tool for food security.

Howard Dill

Location Windsor,  Nova Scotia

Our mission will be to continue to provide top quality seed. We are very proud of our “Dill’s Atlantic Giant” heritage spanning the last 32 years and the enjoyment it has sown. At this time, we would like to thank all of you who have supported us in the past and welcome new customers who aspire to grow big “ATLANTIC GIANT” PUMPKINS!

Incredible Seeds

Location Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia
Welcome to the The Incredible Seed Company! We are a farm-based Canadian seed company based in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia. We specialize in open-pollinated seed varieties along with heirloom and heritage seeds. We are dedicated to supporting sustainable agriculture and helping preserve the genetic diversity in our world today, as well as helping you bring delicious homegrown healthy food into your kitchen.

Mapple Farm

Location Weldon, New Brunswick

A modest source of seed & plant stock, grown well off the beaten track.

If you

• enjoy discovering something different to plant and eat

• celebrate diversity

• appreciate finding value and quality in the overlooked, neglected or unusual realms of the edible growing


we hope to offer you something worth including in your gardening plans this year.

We sell only what we grow ourselves

Pumpkin Moon Farm

Organic Garden Seeds

As well as herbalists and product makers, the root of our business is that we are also gardeners! Michelle is an active member of Seeds of Diversity Canada and United Plant Savers, and has a passion for preserving native plants and heirloom varieties of seeds, many of which are rare, unusual, or commercially-unavailable. We participate in many seed-saving, gardening, and Seedy Saturday events around Nova Scotia each spring, and sell over 40 varieties of seeds and planting potatoes.

The Now

Herbalism is a way of life, a vision of hope, and a creative interplay between humans and nature, where plants become thoughtful, inspiring, nurturing, and dazzling products in the hands of herbal artisans. For everyone involved, our company is the perfect culmination of botany, beauty, gardening, native plants, art, creativity, organic agriculture, seed saving and herbal medicine.


Location Charlottetown, PEI

Veseys is certified as a shipper/handler of organic seed. Organic agriculture is not only good business; it is also the key to biodiversity, healthy soil and the understanding of our garden and farm ecosystems. Veseys is pleased to offer you this selection of certified organic seed – seed which has been produced under strict guidelines which govern the production of certified organic products.

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